Digital Marketing for Educational Technology Platforms

Trying to reach parents and education institutions?

Need to save time in setting up the right digital strategy?

At 8ty6 we understand 🚀Ed Tech digital marketing needs.

AIDA Sales Funnel

An EdTech SaaS provider builds different types of activity and content as the Ed institution decision maker moves through her journey from AWARENESS to ACTION.


The decision-makers from education institutes and schools actively search for more content related to organizing online classes, platforms they can use, and the EdTech companies that can help provide the solutions they need. 

Together we can find out:

  • Where your EdTech customers are entering the marketing funnel? 
  • What are the key triggers for moving them along the sales funnel?


Take your EdTech startup to next level with our help

Sales Funnel as AIDA concept

Data is our YODA

  • Our solutions are backed by a continuous cycle of performance measurement.
  • We will segment customers and identify most effective medium.
  • At the same time focus on reducing campaign operational cost.

We are a data-first agency specialized in Go-To-Market strategies for EdTech startups 🚀

In our conversation we will…

  • Go-To-Market Options
  • AIDA Sales Funnel – Owned, Earned, Paid Media
  • Account-Based-Marketing – Enterprise Sales
  • Execution Timeline & Budget
  • Alignment of Business Goals with Marketing Goals
  • Digital media presence
  • Customer Demographics & User Behavior
  • Content plans and Brand voice
  • Content Development
  • Target Audience Segmentation
  • Inbound Campaign Setup
  • Paid Promotions
  • Engagement Campaigns
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We can

Online Stuff

Create online videos that resonate with children, parents or institutions

Customer Journey

Map Customer Journey of parents or EdTech decision makers


Strategize & Implement Paid Campaigns to reach education institutions teaching professionals, parents and learners.

Also, we can


Identify SEO solutions Influencers, Podcast/Radio Ads, YouTube Ads, Mobile Ads


Build creatives & content for Blogs, Social Media,  Website, Email Campaign, Medium Post, Education Publishers


Develop a strategy to guide parents, teachers, learners or education institution decision makers across the sales funnel

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